Fibres from Waye

The Goats and Sheep
We have 10 angora goats at present including 2 does, 1 Buck and this year’s kid Bramley. We also have 14 Ryeland sheep.

This fibre is long, curly and has a fabulous sheen.
The cleaned and combed mohair is a delight to hand spin with and dyes easily with a rich colour. The staple length blends brilliantly with the Ryeland wool and a local wool mill in Launceston produces an undyed double knit for us. You can see their work at the link here.
We then enjoy dyeing and weaving rugs designs inspired by the scenery we are surrounded by daily.
We also design and knit cushions with this wool.

Ryeland wool and mohair have a similar staple length and therefore blend well together.
Mohair has a sheen to it and is renowned for taking up dye beautifully.
We weave bright rugs on an upright 2 shaft rug loom which have a rich, soft handle but are also tough and hard wearing.

The wool also knits into soft cushions which we design with needle felted detail.