About the Farm

Waye Farm

We are a 9 acre small-holding on the edge of Dartmoor in Devon. We have a growing miscellany of animals which we have added to gradually.
Each year we rear a few Oxford Sandy and Black pigs who enjoy an outdoor life with plenty of wallowing and fresh vegetables.

A trio of chickens scratch around in the farmyard who keep us in just enough eggs through the year.

We started with a couple of Ryeland sheep to keep the grass down in the cider orchard but as we found we enjoyed handling them, they managed well on our grass ,and are delicious as hogget (meaning that they see 2 summers), we have chosen to breed them ourselves.Their beautiful fleece comes off in May and we use it for wool production.We lamb in March /April when the weather is whatever Dartmoor throws at us but means the ewes and their young are able to go out onto lush pasture .

The first animals we got were a quartet of Angora goats . They are all characters, have an absurdly different mindset from the sheep they tend to be mistaken for and grow their hair to be shorn twice a year in July and January, providing us with some beautiful mohair.
We now have a small herd including delightful goat kids born around April.

Please browse our site, look at the wonderful quality and range of produce we offer, and maybe even buy some!